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Welcome to, home of the multi-genre music of STEWARDS ECLECTRIC.

We invite you to listen using the free music players at the bottom of this page. If you do not have music quality computer speakers, plugin good stereo headphones; if you got 'em.

To our valued repeat visitors, followers, and admitted fans: welcome back. It is for your ears the musicians' consortium keeps old tape rolling, discs spinning, gears meshing, and organic machinery humming. The results are unpredictable - which is how it should be. The idea is and always was to make new music and have some fun. We're serious about the music but beyond that... well, see for yourself. 

You may have another reason for being here. Seeking info about some music heard recently, shared, streamed, or on a playlist? Are you searching for info about a particular band [Bobby Comstock Band, Headwind, Strange Brew, etc.] or about a particular song, recording artist or musician, past or current? Check my ‘Bandography’ on the ABOUT page; SONG INFO; pics and artwork in PHOTO/ART GALLERY; and many relevant tidbits in Q&A.

Send comments, questions, love and hate mail by using the email addresses on the Q&A page, or the CONTACT form there. We answer many inquiries directly, and if interesting on a broader scale, sometimes post the exchange. Thanks.


We  recently replaced all of our music players  with new and better onesand we give a shout out to SoundCloud for them.

If you have  time and interest, kick back and sample the Eclectric variety.

Brief backstories of individual songs are on Song Info page. Want  more detailsI'll  email them to you on request.

So reach out & shoot me an email; tell me what you think.

(Newly listed: 2 songs from the "Ridin, Drivin'..." album 2010.)

The music you love is wherever you find it.

Enjoy your visit.

~ Steve

The Steward

Q & A of the Week:

Q. "Something happened to me like with Gman, (‘80s?).” [See Q&A from Gman.] “Chuck Berry was playing at our community college. Near the end of the show, he invited us with our dates to dance on the stage, and then was p.o.’d when we did. Was he weird like that? Also: why did he hit ‘some guy’?” TomCAT2 A. The man cut his own swath to success in a segregated society, so he was only as weird as that makes you. Truth is he probably wanted your dates to dance, not you! And as for that ‘some guy’, he was stupid enough to try to grab Chuck’s red 345 Gibson. Bad move, Bozo; you earned what you got. Thanks for writing, TC2, and since you are interested, here is more about playing with 'the father of rock & roll':

Chuck hated it if the bassist tried to play along with his well-known and often-imitated guitar lick. This was not an ego thing, it was a musical thing. All the older guys in the band had warned me about this beforehand. But at one point onstage during my very first Oldies Show (in Erie PA, 1973), I accidently reverted to my Comstock-gig bass phrasing and treaded on Mr. Berry’s sacred ground. Oops. Seeing as how I was the new kid, and Chuck didn’t know me, he stopped singing, turned around and, pushing the red Gibson mouse ears at me in a painfully obvious manner, played a thumpy quarter-note thing on his low E string. This was Chuck’s subtle way, onstage and in front of everybody, of telling me what he wanted the bass to do – or not to do. I quickly nodded to him and complied. But there was no way I was gonna play THAT piddly shit all night. So as we played out the concert to a big finish and one encore, I tried a few different things on bass but stayed off his riff, making sure I always played around it.

My attitude was – and is: I’m the one playing bass and I’ll decide what comes out of this instrument.  


So – Professor Berry’s gonna tell me what to play, huh? Well, he’s the star, the big cheese, numero uno, and you’d expect that would be the end of that. But for me, it was a musical thing and an ego thing. (He don’t know me very well, do he?” – Bugs Bunny)

Continues next week…

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 A 2-stage ROCK-it instrumental dedicated to audiophile Gale A. Steward a.k.a. ham radio's K3ND. Time: 5:53
The sister version to CROSSING ACROSS, with lyrics for a wedding celebration or joining ceremony. Time: 6:08
 2-minutes and 14-seconds of JAZZ homage to the horny Big Bands of the '40s. 99.7% instrumental
JAZZ/ROCK/FUNK for those who have served and will march no more. 99.8% instrumental. Time: 5:46
Grandpa makes the wrong decisions for all the right reasons in this family farm COUNTRY ballad. Time: 4:18
A four-minute COUNTRY barn-thumping foot-stomper, written to follow "Frackin' Fool".
Space-trekking 3-minute ROCK guitar INSTRUMENTAL, the STEWARDS ECLECTRIC re-cut
INDIE ROCK based upon the Lakota word and meaning. Time: 5:21
A solo BLUES performance, one Strat, one microphone, one big ad lib. Time: 5:02
A train trip on the left coast. Go first class. Smooth JAZZ-ROCK, 99.5% INSTRUMENTAL 5:26
Our first driving ROCK hit, this is the original "Ridin', Drivin'..." album cut. Time: 3:27

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