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We invite you to listen using the free music players, bottom of this page. If you don't have music-quality computer speakers, plug in good stereo headphones if you got 'em.

To our valued repeat visitors, followers and admitted fans: welcome back. It is for your ears the musicians' consortium keeps old tape rolling, discs spinning, gears meshing and organic machinery humming. The results are unpredictable - which is how it should be. The idea is and always was to make new music and have some fun. We're serious about the music, but beyond that... well, see for youself.  

You may have another reason for being here. Seeking info about some music recently heard, shared, streamed or on a playlist? Searching for info about a particular song, band, recording artist or musician, past or current? Check SONG INFO; ‘Bandography’ on the ABOUT page; pics and artwork in PHOTO/ART GALLERY; and there could be some relevant bits in Q&A.

Send comments, questions, love and hate mail by using the email addresses on the Q&A page, or the CONTACT form there. We answer many inquiries directly, and if interesting on a broader scale, sometimes post the exchange. Thanks.

We're giving away the Farmhouse Garage Band album (predecessor to STEWARDS ECLECTRIC) old-style CD and related merch FREE to those who write a review of any FGB or SE song. It could be just one word. The PLAYER (below) offers 3 of the 8 tracks of that first album (2010); now hear the rest of it. [Details: WHAT'S NEW]


The way people receive and hear music has changed large. Today it’s all spread  thin, and everyone wants their own custom programming. Those big 'hitsno longer  exist, going the way of AM radio stations, Top 10 charts and the RCA pooch ~ and next for extinction is  the term ‘rock star’.

The music you love is wherever you find it. Sometimes it finds you.

My consortium cohorts and I    find it through the unbounded fun of making it.

Maybe you’ll find something interesting. (Let us know!)

On Oct. 14th, this wesite became 5 years old. Enjoy your visit.

~ Steve

The Steward 

Q & A of the Week:

Feathers are still being ruffled by two songs we put out years ago, even after Deereman66 wrote: Q. "Heard your Frackin Fool on a country list, and I’m incensed… Where do you think the energy is going to come from for this great country of ours? From space?... A.The story those songs tell [Frackin’ Fool & Frackin’ Hoedown - available for free play below] was culled from real life... Nikola Tesla knew about free energy for everybody, but citizens have yet to get that info. (And: it IS from space, guy.) However, I agree with you, my Deereman: you should be incensed! I suggest Celestial Sandalwood.

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"Crossing Across", a two-stage instrumental energy conduit honors those who have moved on.

"Across a Universe", the sister (lyric version) to "...Crossing" - for a joining ceremony. 

3-min. guitar-laden rock  instrumental, this is "Reworking the Clone" album cut reworked.

“Postwar Jump”, the 2 min. 14 sec. instrumental, is meant to pay homage to horn work of the famous Big Bands. 

Dedicated to all those who will, for whatever reason, "March No More”. (99.8% instrumental)

"Wakan" ('wah-kahn') honors Lakota Native American word for sacred, spiritually powerful. (S.E. version)

The perfect (?) pair of ANTI-FRACKING country songs, presented here the way they were meant to be heard: in sequence.

3 songs from the Farmhouse Garage Band album: 1."Drivin' Johnny B./Proud Highway"; 2."Time Is Now"; 3."Taking You Along" [LIVE audience]

"Pennsy Train Blues" can be blamed on postcards of Elmore James' ax sent from the R&R Hall of Fame. Or blame it on Cleveland. Or Amtrak.

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