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'22 a Banner Year?

Visitors and returning fans to this not-so-humble site that struggles to balance truth and honesty with tongue-in-cheek self-aggrandizement see the 2022 page header banner hosting an updated photo of The Steward holding a customed-up Gretsch model G4520.

The hard-to-find Way Out West model was finally located by the crew at Chris Broadwell's Ithaca Guitar Works, (so that's at least 3 axes I've gotten from this great place). Luthier extraordinaire Hank Ahaire was tapped to make the necessary lefty b.s.r. modification to accommodate Steve's weirdo backwards upside down playing style. Then the instrument was colorized and decorated for Sky Camo Records by reknown fingerpaint artist Peesa Bohn. A close-up photo of her work on this acoustic guitar body is on the PHOTO/ART GALLERY page.

For even more play value: Speech bubble texts spanning the universe (in our page header) honor the old Burma Shave sequential roadside signs of early US road travel - in this case: editorial by cartoon. These comic-style bubbles, past and present, have been collected into a new feature: "Universe Bubbles", and editions 1 through 5 can be seen in PHOTO/ART GALLERY, post-2000 section. Feel free to comment...

Studio Tech: out with the old, in with the new

In a planned equipment upgrade that was derailed 2 years ago when the covid lockdown brought things to a standstill, we are updated our in-house multi-track recording technology. Unknown to the SE lissner, we've been struggling with odd and crazy hookups between aging and outdated technology both analog and digital, often having to manually cue machines separately to get them in sync and complete the production. Well, even though a lot was learned by being backed into such a corner, that situation is coming to an end, (!) which will allow for increased output of new songs while making each individual project quickly accessible, and making it a whole lot easier on our production staff - and yours truly.

Eclectric Current

continues to feed into a long-running project started July 2021, for release just before Independence Day 2022. This may be the last production using our old hodge-podge collection of recording devices! Musically, this production is based on a groove that fell out of a $39 el-cheapo guitar, late at night, travelling welded rail westbound at 90 mph on The Super Chief As for the subject matter: we might all start looking in the attic for our oldest flags... I mean seriously OLD ones, great great grandma stuff! And you might as well forget about the US president, whoever it may be. Doesn't really matter. They no longer have any real power. Ike was the last who had any, (and he had no choice but to sign it away in 1955); JFK tried to get it back, (and ya see what happened there). We're getting impatient if not outright pissed, and we're suggesting that it's about time for a nudder revolution, this time about the Freedom of the Truth. Wow, will we be amazed!!!

*   *   *   *   *   *   *

even more REDOS, DEMOS & ideas under construction:

ON THE DOCKET: An SE remake of of our first rock wannabe hit that streaked off the starting line, driven by the old Farmhouse Garage Band. The setup was slightly off; it stuck good in turns 1 & 2, but was so-so in 3 & 4 and the dogleg. We took the vehicle back to the pits where it was worked on by the upgraded SE crew and a new sponsor. It'll run good now.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *  

Then we may be heading back into the country. There's two: One is a shitkicker about making maple syrup in the backwoods north country. The other is a sentimental deer hunting yarn in the progressive country genre. Both are getting ready for the light of a new day.

*   *   *

Another new vintage-style rock piece long in the works pays homage to old rocks. (Can you say "Puma Punku"? No? How 'bout: "Big Horn Medicine Wheel?") Lyrics inspired by one of the all-time classic B&W movies – all speaking to the future. Is that possible? Check back to find out!

*   *   *

We've got a light-hearted, heavy-handed satire in the 'funk-jazz-rock' category, (yet another hybrid of those recognized musical genres.) So stand by to smell the sweet breeze of those tropical islands long fabled in song and story, and take your well-deserved vacation to "Lissners Atoll" !

*   *   *

And: another one of our popular 99.7% instrumentals with all the bells and whistles of a first class train ride on the left US coast: the Stewards Eclectric remake of A Ride on the Coast Starlight. We're re-fueling the Amtrak F59-PHi and Genesis locos, sweeping the dropped pretzels out the Pacfic Parlour Car, and re-stocking the bar with vintage vino from SoCal and a few bottles from the Finger Lakes. Get ready for the ALL ABOARD !

*   *   *   *   *   *   *

so-called COMICS, singles ARTWORK, bowling SHIRTS added

As mentioned (above) our 3-panel comics drawn from past banners called UNIVERSE BUBBLES are presented in PHOTO/ART GALLERY.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *

Previous inquiries from some wanting a closer look at the cover artwork for our singles, (a better view than the postage stamp size the players and some venues present), we've answered by adding the hi-res cover artworks to PHOTO/ART GALLERY in their own section.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *

Also, in conjunction with our 'Bowling Alley Rock' song, we present the evolution of the team Lefties bowling shirts, cataloging the artwork of all 3 recording studio teams: [Sasquatch, Hummingbird and WildBIRD Studios]; the cover version of the Championship trophy we finally won after 12 years of trying, (...of all the years to do it!...); and even the lost & found giveaway cassettes. What a shame Richard wasn't there to slap all us LEFTIES on the back – real freakin' HARD!

All photos and artwork © Copyright - Stephen H. Steward / Sky Camo Records

*   *   *   *   *     

A fan requested we reprint this, so with tongue inplanted in cheek(s), here it is for your enjoyment:

Everyone at the musicians’ consortium was amazed but not surprised when it was revealed that Director Steve ‘The Steward’ was to be honored as one of the first three inductees into the Unheralded and Independent Artists Now Here Hall of Fame. [Article follows]

 U&I Artists Hall of Fame Ceremony Honors First Inductees

By Crow Byrdland McCaw [Excerpted. *See magazine for the full article.]

 The first annual induction ceremony of the Unheralded and Independent Artists Now Here Hall of Fame, (otherwise known as U & I AR NOWHERE) was held on Feb. 3 at the former Covert City Masonic Temple. It had been previously determined likely that nominee Steve The Steward had played there to a sold-out crowd with his high school rock band, and initial promotional releases gave this as the reason for selecting the venue. It was later speculated that promoters could have yielded to a favorable rental agreement for the hall since they scheduled the inaugural event during the Super Bowl. If fact, this may also have limited RSVP-ers and others in attendance.


The ceremony got underway with a short film outlining the sanctioning body’s charter. It centered on revered impressionist Vincent Van Gogh , explaining that the lack of any acknowledgement from the art community (or even his family), let alone any monetary recompense for his work, was the source of most of his troubles - pre-ear debacle. The message being: when he was NOW HERE, he was NOWHERE - and never saw a cent of the millions paid for his art years beyond his lifetime. After this came various sound bites of the nominees while lucky patrons of the arts enjoyed a sumptuous dinner of creamed chicken and peas. As dessert was being served, (Neapolitan ice cream block on Nabisco graham wafer), examples of honorees’ best known works were exhibited, encompassing art, sculpture, railroad car graffiti and music. This was accompanied by one of Steward’s compositions, finishing in an extremely high decibel range.

Following the collection of complimentary disposable earplugs, Steve The Steward launched into a mercifully abbreviated acceptance speech, thanking family, teachers, mentors and friends. [*See complete article for details.]

In closing remarks, Steward hoisted above his head the U&I Hall of Fame statuette, the unique and coveted 'NowHere’. [For those unfamiliar, the physical award is constructed using a faux-marble base with the words NOWHERE HALL of FAME and the inductee’s name inscribed just below on a vague imitation of gold. Leading up from the base is a small pedestal with absolutely nothing above that.] The Steward then said wryly, “This – THIS is why we are all now here!” - and, releasing his left arm from its vertical position, dropped the ersatz Grammy doo-whammy to the stage, shattering it in a thousand pieces, (ala Cornell Professor Harlan Banks).

The audience gasped in surprise. A few nervous laughs, and one cough. Then cheers and laughter erupted from much of the audience, while holdouts glanced furtively here and there in mild disgust at what they thought should be considered bad taste. But truth and the majority ruled, resulting in wild applause that lasted for several seconds, followed by a standing ovation. It wasn’t noted until after two dozen of the not-quite-SRO crowd filed out of their seats that their rising was perhaps an attempt to get to the local Burger King before midnight, for, in honor of the first U & I AR NOWHERE Hall of Fame ceremony, (as well as the Superbowl), special arrangements had been made to serve breakfast menu all night.

*Reprinted with the kind permission of the publishers of Wasting Time Magazine, March 2019 

*   *   *   *   *   *


Ooops... Apologies to our regular SE consortium drummer, whose name was occasionally misspelled '-land'. It's Ludwig Von Slingerlund - (not to be confused with any past or present instrument manufacturer).


IN: The consortium welcomes Boots Wahndrunn as session blues harp player with a resume as long as a 4-octave chromatic Hohner. His expressive work will be heard on upcoming releases.

OUT: Longtime Wildbird Studio engineer and mixdown specialist Manuel Reeltime hung up his stereo cans. Our trusted friend, known affectionately as "Two-Hands", gave us sufficient notice, since he and his sig other made plans to hunker down on that dental floss farm they've always wanted in near Provo, Utah. They're there now, happily awaiting the new crop, the next westbound California Zephyr, and another spectacular meteor. His meticulous ears and mixing skills will be missed. but, as he said, "Time waits for no Two-Hands."

WAY OUT: Rockin' rapper and occasional creative collaborator S. Kool Busz and his wife, consortium member and my bosom buddy from high school, (not literally, unfortunately!), woodwind specialist Dawn Rider are, at time of this writing, off to Sweden. [Dawn was instrumental, (yuck, yuck), in the production of the Farmhouse Garage Band album, and her flute is heard on the later single releases, Postwar Jump, etc.] S. Kool is the new Acquisitions Manager at Stockholm Transgender Philharmonic where the lovely Dawn just assumed a compromising position. A few sighs echoed through the consortium. She's always been a hottie.


Due to a technicality, individual songs from the Ridin', Drivin', Wakan album were not widely distributed, so the only ‘easy’ (?) way to correct that was to re-record them using SE consortium music makers, and then re-release them - which is fun and a continuing process. We're always open to suggestions regarding which cut from that old album to remake next. If you have a request, let us know.

So: is anyone lissning to this genre-jumping jumble of melodic, rhythmic and philosophical musical expression?   Yes.   

Which means some of you either have weirdly adventurous ears, or you're ECLECTRIC...! (Or both - and thank you.)

~ we continue working through a huge backlog of unpublished material... ~

ECLECTRIC is not in the dictionary - yet.  " Widely varied, energetically charged."  

Yeah, OK. The band HAD been called The Farmhouse Garage Band - going WAY back to the early '80s - because that's what it was: a blinking, blessed, old farmhouse garage band! But then Mac came along and appropriated the name 'GarageBand'. Yeah, right, like we're gonna sue them? Get real.

We did. The new band, a musicians' consortium established in 2014, was christened STEWARDS ECLECTRIC. This time, we copyrighted the name.

AND (just FYI): the Ridin',Drivin',Wakan... album was NOT made using GarageBand. It was done on a Tascam 80-8 1/2-inch reel-to-reel with channel 1 blown out, (essentially making it a Tascam '80-7').



The MERCH PACKAGE is available for posting a review of any FGB or SE song to one of the distribution sites or to us directly. We're giving away the last of this small production run - and it's on our dime!

Just email us at with the review, and Include a physical mailing address. We'll send you the vintage R,D,W album CD (with the 12-page insert booklet that I sweated over!) , the first-day release poster (shown, right) and the release party postcard set. [Full song list and descriptions on SONG INFO] This is indeed a REAL FREE offer - even though it's real '70s and the whole idea of song and album reviewing is quite ridiculous now because almost NOBODY reads them anymore, BUT hey, what a DEAL, huh?!

RDW Album Poster

Songs are available from Spotify, Amazon, Deezer, Apple Music, iTunes and most other music sites. Should you wish to purchase, use the link buttons provided at the bottom of the home page, or search " Stewards Eclectric" for the more recent singles, or "Farmhouse Garage Band" for our earliest effort, the 2010 album. Many thanks for your support!

~ Do your best to Have Some @#%&* Fun...! ~